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About Brandfit LLC

About our company

Brandfit - veteran software industry executive and testifying software expert witness with experience architecting, developing, managing and leading software technology projects. Brandfit has consistently provided and continues to provide the absolute best custom software development services, and this experience provides the ideal set of skills and resources required to support our software expert witness practice. Our team of engineers, analysts and consultants are active industry practitioners who and have worked with clients in industries ranging from transportation and energy to manufacturing and healthcare. We have extensive experience working with legacy, current, and emerging development platforms.

Brandfit has worked with and for members of the Global 100, the Fortune 500, notable private companies, and numerous start-up organizations in both its software development and litigation/expert witness practices. Brandfit’s clients represent such industries as travel, airline, oil and gas, finance, banking, big data, broadcasting, publishing, legal, and semiconductors.

We have worked with and continue to work with legacy and leading edge software technologies used for object-oriented development, cloud-based computing and storage, web development, mobile and mobile app development, and many others. The team of software developers and IT forensic specialists at Brandfit is available to analyze or recreate relevant software or hardware platforms or scenarios, even those that are no longer commercially available. From enterprise to startups, Brandfit’s state-of-the-art software solutions have been built on a variety of technologies and platforms. We pride ourselves in our strong blend of technical artistry, high-end engineering, and deliberate execution.